2000, REAL Records (RR-031-CD)

It's rather hard to consider writing about singles to be a respectable affair for music critics. Singles don't really have that much to do with music- they're more in the sphere of marketologists and advertisers. But there are actually two new songs from Zemphira: "Snow," and "I Dreamed of London." As those specialists in the realm of supply and demand point out, the remix is an unauthorized one. It's a little too early for it, they say, it hasn't found its context. To look at it from a simpler point of view, however, where most music fans probably find themselves, I would say it's quite on time, if we put aside questions of personal taste. And the song about London actually is quite charming- probably because it has nothing to do with London.

But Zemphira seems to have still succeeded in what she does best- maintaining a complete cultural (or contextual) inadequacy that is based on absolute honesty and the inability to "make something pretty."

Which is exactly what everyone loves her for.

17.02.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

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