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1 30 Years текст
2 You're Not the Only One текст
3 Don't Cry текст
4 Nothing to Lose текст
5 Fallen Angel музыка
6 Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 1 музыка
7 Easy Money музыка
8 One More Red Nightmare текст
9 Cadence and Cascade текст
10 Talking Drum музыка
11 Pictures of a City текст
12 Providence музыка
13 Starless музыка
14 Open Your Eyes текст
15 Smile Has Left Your Eyes музыка и текст
16 Heat Of The Moment текст
17 Crime of Passion музыка
18 Caught in the Crossfire музыка и текст
19 In the Dead of Night текст
20 Thirty Years текст
21 Only Time Will Tell текст
22 Hold Me Now текст
23 As Long as You Want Me Here текст
24 Cold Is the Night музыка и текст
25 In the Dead of Night текст
26 Baby Come Back музыка и текст
27 Night After Night текст
28 Turn on the Radio музыка и текст
29 Rendezvous 6:02 текст
30 Paper Talk музыка и текст
31 Voice of America музыка и текст
32 Christina музыка и текст
33 Wildest Dreams музыка
34 One Step Closer музыка
35 Without You музыка
36 Cutting It Fine музыка
37 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes музыка и текст
38 Here Comes The Feeling музыка
39 The Heat Goes On музыка
40 Sole Survivor музыка
41 Ride Easy музыка
42 Groon текст
43 Rendezvous 6:02 текст


1. Heat Of The Moment Live: Chasing the Dragon
2. Don't Cry Live: Chasing the Dragon
3. Rendezvous 6:02 Live: Chasing the Dragon
4. Crime of Passion Live: Chasing the Dragon
5. Caught in the Crossfire Live: Chasing the Dragon
6. Easy Money Live: Chasing the Dragon
7. In the Dead of Night Live: Chasing the Dragon
8. Thirty Years Live: Chasing the Dragon
9. Only Time Will Tell Live: Chasing the Dragon
10. Hold Me Now Live: Chasing the Dragon
11. Starless Live: Chasing the Dragon
12. Book of Saturday Live: Chasing the Dragon
13. Battle Lines Live: Chasing the Dragon
14. Open Your Eyes Live: Chasing the Dragon
15. Smile Has Left Your Eyes Live: Chasing the Dragon
1. Nothing to Lose King's Road
2. In the Dead of Night King's Road
3. Baby Come Back King's Road
4. Caught in the Crossfire King's Road
5. Night After Night King's Road
6. Eyesight To The Blind King's Road
7. Turn on the Radio King's Road
8. Rendezvous 6:02 King's Road
9. Book of Saturday King's Road
10. Paper Talk King's Road
11. As Long as You Want Me Here King's Road
12. Cold Is the Night King's Road
13. Starless King's Road
1. Voice of America Akustika Live In Amerika
2. Hold Me Now Akustika Live In Amerika
3. Rendezvous 6:02 Akustika Live In Amerika
4. Christina Akustika Live In Amerika
5. 30 Years Akustika Live In Amerika
6. Only Time Will Tell Akustika Live In Amerika
7. Book of Saturday Akustika Live In Amerika
8. Don't Cry Akustika Live In Amerika
9. Battle Lines Akustika Live In Amerika
10. Smile Has Left Your Eyes Akustika Live In Amerika
11. Heat Of The Moment Akustika Live In Amerika
12. You're Not the Only One Akustika Live In Amerika