Brian ENO 

Дата рождения: 15 мая 1948

Автор песен

1 NeukЖln текст
2 I'm Deranged текст
3 Hallo Spaceboy текст
4 Baby's on Fire музыка и текст
5 Needle In The Camel's Eye музыка и текст
6 Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) текст
7 Crosseyed and Painless текст
8 Helden текст
9 Red Sails текст
10 Look Back in Anger текст
11 Boys Keep Swinging текст
12 Fantastic Voyage текст
13 African Night Flight текст
14 Ade текст
15 Two Soldiers текст
16 Heroes текст
17 Heavenly Music Corporation музыка
18 Swastika Girls музыка
19 Evening Star музыка
20 Healthy Colours I музыка
21 Healthy Colours II музыка
22 Healthy Colours III музыка
23 Healthy Colours IV музыка
24 Moss Garden текст
25 Evensong музыка
26 Wind on Wind музыка и текст
27 Index of Metals музыка
28 Ashestoashes текст
29 Needles in the Camel's Eye музыка
30 Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch музыка и текст
31 Cindy Tells Me музыка
32 Driving Me Backwards музыка и текст
33 On Some Faraway Beach музыка и текст
34 Blank Frank музыка
35 Some of Them Are Old музыка и текст
36 Here Come the Warm Jets музыка и текст
37 Your Blue Room музыка
38 Sky Saw музыка и текст
39 Over Fire Island музыка и текст
40 In Dark Trees музыка и текст
41 The Big Ship музыка и текст
42 I'll Come Running музыка и текст
43 Another Green World музыка и текст
44 Sombre Reptiles музыка и текст
45 Little Fishes музыка и текст
46 Golden Hours музыка и текст
47 Becalmed музыка и текст
48 Zawinul/Lava музыка и текст
49 Everything Merges With the Night музыка и текст
50 Spirits Drifting музыка и текст
51 St. Elmo's Fire музыка и текст
52 I'm Afraid Of Americans текст
53 By This River музыка
54 I Zimbra музыка
55 A Beautiful Place текст
56 A Beautiful War текст
57 Heroes музыка
58 Listening Wind музыка
59 Warszawa текст
60 Wind on Water музыка
61 Abdulmajid текст
62 Dead Finks Don't Talk музыка и текст


1. Another Green World Eno Box I
2. Energy Fools the Magician Eno Box I
3. Dover Beach Eno Box I
4. Slow Water Eno Box I
5. Untitled Eno Box I
6. Chemin de Fer Eno Box I
7. Empty Lanscape Eno Box I
8. Reactor Eno Box I
9. Secret Eno Box I
10. Don't Look Back Eno Box I
11. Marseilles Eno Box I
12. Two Rapid Formations Eno Box I
13. Sparrowfall (1) Eno Box I
14. Sparrowfall (2) Eno Box I
15. Sparrowfall (3) Eno Box I
16. Events in Dense Fog Eno Box I
17. 'There Is Nobody' Eno Box I
18. Patrolling Wire Borders Eno Box I
19. Measured Room Eno Box I
20. Task Force Eno Box I
21. M386 Eno Box I
22. Final Sunset Eno Box I
23. Dove Eno Box I
24. Roman Twilight Eno Box I
25. Dawn, Marshland Eno Box I
26. Always Returning I Eno Box I
27. Signals Eno Box I
28. Drift Study Eno Box I
29. Approaching Taidu Eno Box I
30. Always Returning II Eno Box I
31. Asian River Eno Box I
32. Theme from Creation Eno Box I
33. Saint Tom Eno Box I
34. Warszawa Eno Box I
35. Chemistry Eno Box I
36. Courage Eno Box I
37. Moss Garden Eno Box I
38. Tension Block Eno Box I
39. Strong Flashes of Light Eno Box I
40. More Volts Eno Box I
41. Mist/Rhythm Eno Box I
42. Ho Renomo Eno Box I
43. Stream with Bright Fish Eno Box I
44. Fleeting Smile Eno Box I
45. Arc of Doves Eno Box I
46. Stars Eno Box I
47. Index of Metals Eno Box I
48. 1/1 Eno Box I
49. Ikebukuro Eno Box I
50. Lost Day Eno Box I
51. Thursday Afternoon Eno Box I
52. Discreet Music Eno Box I
53. Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960 Eno Box I
54. Neroli Eno Box I
1. Needles in the Camel's Eye Here Come the Warm Jets
2. Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch Here Come the Warm Jets
3. Baby's on Fire Here Come the Warm Jets
4. Cindy Tells Me Here Come the Warm Jets
5. Driving Me Backwards Here Come the Warm Jets
6. On Some Faraway Beach Here Come the Warm Jets
7. Blank Frank Here Come the Warm Jets
8. Dead Finks Don't Talk Here Come the Warm Jets
9. Some of Them Are Old Here Come the Warm Jets
10. Here Come the Warm Jets Here Come the Warm Jets
1. Sky Saw Another Green World
2. Over Fire Island Another Green World
3. St. Elmo's Fire Another Green World
4. In Dark Trees Another Green World
5. The Big Ship Another Green World
6. I'll Come Running Another Green World
7. Another Green World Another Green World
8. Sombre Reptiles Another Green World
9. Little Fishes Another Green World
10. Golden Hours Another Green World
11. Becalmed Another Green World
12. Zawinul/Lava Another Green World
13. Everything Merges With the Night Another Green World
14. Spirits Drifting Another Green World